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Get It Done Day Details

Get It Done Days (GIDD) are a wonderful way to schedule and collaborate on creating a HIGHLY productive day.

Powerful things happen when we work together!

You get to work on whatever it is that you’d most like to “get done.”

You know, one (or more) of those things that you’ve been “meaning to get around to!” like:

  • Cleaning or uncluttering a closet or room
  • Finishing a craft or project like sorting photos
  • Working on a BIG project in your training, schooling or business
  • Devoting time to your health and well-being

The cool thing is that I’ll be available to you the whole day to love, inspire, support and celebrate you as you GET. IT. DONE.

And you’ll know you’re being supported by everyone who’s participating as a way to encourage you to stay accountable!

Here’s our format for the day:

  • 11:00 AM EST: We’ll meet by phone to share your intentions for the day. I’ll offer encouragement, motivation, inspiration, and tapping through any resistance that may block you from getting things done.
  • Then you’ll have 90 minutes to get things done while I’ll be on hand to help you any way that I can, by phone or email.
  • 12:30 PM EST: We’ll get back on the phone to connect, celebrate, clear any new mental or emotional blocks. I’ll answer questions and we can all offer wisdom & suggestions if someone is stuck on a step in their project.
  • Then you’ll have an additional 90 minutes to finish up your project and – yup, I’ll be on hand to support you by phone or email!
  • And finally at 2:00 PM EST: We’ll meet for sharing and celebrations and then wrap up for the day.


Let's Get Stuff Done!

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