Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer

I’m so glad that you’ll be joining me for our

Get It Done Day

here at The EGO Tamer® Academy!

Just use the form below to register for the call. Once you do, you’ll get an email from me with the call-in information. (There’s also some more information on the “Get It Done Day” format at the bottom of this page if you need a refresher.)

Get It Done Day Details

We all know how EGO can distract and sabotage us when we have something important we want to complete. Sometimes there’s a project or two that just keeps nagging at us, but we never quite seem to get the ambition or make the commitment to do it!

So, this day will be devoted to supporting you in “getting it done!”

The outline is pretty simple:

You can post your intentions and project in the Auditorium (Facebook Group) the day before so that we can all share in the good vibes.

On our “Get It Done Day” we’ll get together on the phone at 11:00 AM (Eastern). I’ll start off by doing some coaching and encouraging on mindset and time management. After that, we’ll  break for a 90-minute work chunk, then get back on the phone to celebrate, support ask questions, etc. We’ll then break for another 90-minute work chunk.

We’ll finish with one last check-in and, of course, everyone will have the opportunity to share and celebrate on the phone and in the Facebook group.

This is an opportunity to complete projects, connect with your peers and, if the need arises, do some tapping on EGO and self-sabotage patterns.

Looking forward to sharing the day with you.

Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer

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