Healing Your Grief: Picking Up the Pieces
Meet Marcy

30-something, divorced, 2 children, business owner and all-around fabulous woman

Marcy Sobbing

She sat in my office sobbing…

  • Feeling like a failure as a Mom
  • Longing for a romantic partner
  • A love-hate relationship with her business

On and on she went, listing all of her perceived failings and chronic pain rooted in her unhealed trauma.

We tapped as she talked and I waited for the geyser of emotions to subside.

She took a deep, rattling breath and looked at me with eyes of desperation and asked,

“Jan, will I ever be happy again?”

A Cheshire cat grin slowly spread across my face and I said,

“Oh, Marcy, are you ever in the right place!”


Marcy Happy after 4 Sessions with Jan

Marcy had a boyfriend.

She was feeling like a teenager.

Her kids were being what I tenderly call “poop heads” and she was not taking it personally. She finally understood that the kids’ disrespect, laziness and lack of follow-through was a result of their mindset and choices and was not a reflection of her parenting skills.

In fact, she was now setting boundaries, enforcing consequences and feeling pretty darn good about herself as a Mom!

Yes. It seems like a miracle.

True. Not every client has a healing this dramatic in that short amount of time, but Marcy is not an “exception to the rule.” She’s one of many who’ve had a dramatic life-changing experience with tapping in only a few hours.

If one person can have life-changing results like this in such a brief amount of time, that means it could happen for you, too !

You could be next!

In every personal coaching session and class, my clients and students feel nearly instant relief from whatever has been giving them grief.

20 minutes into a personal coaching session, Carolyn put her hand on her heart and smiled joyfully saying,

“I feel completely different!.”

In one 30-minute class, Barb went from sobbing to singing!

After watching a replay of one of my Facebook Live tapping videos, Gina said,

“I felt like I was there live in some way…like you sensed my presence, Jan Luther. Thank you! You have no idea how much I needed this! (Or maybe you do…)”

So, who am I and why should you believe I can help you?

I’m a Master Energy Healer, one of nine EFT Founding Master practitioners in the United States (trained by the creator of EFT, Gary Craig) and Master Mindset Coach and Director of The EGO Tamer® Academy.

And now I’m a reluctant grief recovery expert. I say reluctant because I wouldn’t have ever chosen this path for fun.

When my 22-year old son died in a car accident in 2006, I was on top of the world. Our children were healthy and happy. My business was flourishing. I knew exactly where I was going to take my business as a mindset coach and EFT practitioner/trainer.

I guess you could say that I didn’t choose grief, it chose me.

When my husband and I walked out of the morgue that day, I realized my entire life had just SHATTERED. Everything I’d hoped for and everything I had planned ceased to matter.

Losing my son changed everything.

I was unprepared for the level of pain that the shock and trauma brought to me.

I knew I was in a unique position to take all that I’d learned about healing trauma, fear and negative emotions and use it to address this horror from inside the deepest darkest levels of grief and despair.

Unfortunately, at the same time, the research I was doing into the existing mental health treatment options for trauma and grief were incredibly discouraging.

They used phrases like:

“Will require intensive processing…”

“A life long treatment plan…”

“Will never fully recover…”

I kept thinking:

“Then why bother?”

“Is this pain really going to be with me the rest of my life?”

Frankly, it made me angry!

I knew that even in 2006 we were having profound emotional, mental – and even physical – healing using tapping for relationships, trauma, grief and illness. I had witnessed them myself as well as with every single client of mine.

So I decided to prove that I could fully heal myself (which I have done) from what everyone says is arguably the most deviating loss: the death of a child.

Naturally, I was sharing everything I was learning with my tapping students and clients; and they were experiencing measurable and remarkable healing results that were similar to mine.

In 2018, I offered the first Healing Your Grief group programs (I called them The Resiliency Course and Healing the Wounds of Womanhood). Both groups celebrated incredible transformations.

This Healing Your Grief program – Picking Up the Pieces – is the result of over a decade of research, refinement and successful application – both personally and professionally.

Every single person with whom I’ve ever shared these processes has reported feeling nearly instant relief from whatever was giving them grief.

And what’s even more exciting is seeing the impact and results in their day-to-day lives as they’re swiftly and fully recovering from all sorts of traumas, losses and devastating life experiences.

If you’re realizing that you spend more time in front of the TV watching people in a box than engaging with people in real life (because you have a heavy, broken or shattered heart)

If you find yourself thinking,

I'm so tired of grieving
I wish I could feel normal
I just don't know what to do about it

And if you’ve experienced any number of traumatic life events:

  • Death of a loved one or friend
  • Divorce or the end of a relationship
  • A doctor’s diagnosis
  • An accident or injury

And you know you have to do something about this NOW…

I know it may seem impossible to see, feel or sense from where you are right now, but there’s a potential world of happiness waiting for you where…

You’re eager to get out of bed in the morning because you have a sense of purpose.

You’re engaging, entertaining and getting together with friends, loved ones and family (See what I did there? Sometimes loved ones and family are not the same thing…)

I believe there’s a beautiful life waiting for you, but you can’t live it on the sidelines. You have to get back in the game!

First Aid for Trauma

 It’s time for you to STOP suffering from the trauma triggers in your mind, body and emotions!

It’s easier than you might think when you have the right TLC…

In the Healing Your Grief: Picking Up the Pieces program, you’ll personally experience the healing powers of First Aid for Trauma.

Let me explain…

In every first aid class, the order of life-saving steps after an accident or injury is first to check for Consciousness and then the 4 B’s:

  • Breathing
  • Bleeding
  • Burns
  • Broken Bones

Obviously, a broken leg is less life-threatening than not breathing, so we address the breathing first.

In this program, we’ll use the same formula for treating the trauma of grief.

When your trauma is new, fresh and raw, you’re often not even conscious to this world.

Your mind drags you back in time to the incident and takes you hostage – barraging you with images and thoughts. It’s like watching mental movies about the memory of the moment of impact. (OK, try saying that 3 times…phffew)

As you watch the horror film in your mind, you’re actually re-traumatizing yourself over and over. The infuriating thing is that you don’t know how to make the “movies” stop.

These mental movies are the root cause of you staying stuck in trauma.

At the end of this program, you’ll have multiple tools and techniques to stop and avoid re-traumatizing yourself.

Here’s what we’ll cover in the program:



I’ll put you in charge of the “mental remote control” and you’ll know how to slow, pause and stop the movies.

You’ll get instant relief – even a state of peace and, possibly, bliss.

You’ll be empowered to stop and avoid all future anxiety and grief attacks.


Can you say RELIEF?



You’ll learn how to resuscitate yourself so you can start breathing again.

When there’s a horrible incident, the process goes: Shock –> Gasp –> Hold Your Breath which results in physical pain and anxiety.

In this unit you’ll release trapped energy in your body (the cause of the pain) and automatically breathe deeper.

E X H A L E !


 In this unit, we’ll begin to dismantle the harmful judgments and beliefs that your EGO keeps rehearsing about the injustice of your horrible experience.

If you’ve ever had thoughts like:

It shouldn’t be this hard…

I had so many plans…

I didn’t sign up for this…

For most of us in the throes of grief, we don’t even realize that we’re adding insult to our injury by ruminating on how unfair it is that we’re going through this.





When you’re feeling “thin-skinned” because your trauma has left you feeling shattered and vulnerable, you’re going to be hyper-sensitive to other people’s words and actions.

If you’ve ever had someone say or do something to you that stung, you know it “burns.” (And who hasn’t?)

In this unit, we’ll gently cleanse the wound by expressing the toxic and blistered energy.

We’ll avoid infection by learning ways to cope with people’s insensitive words in the future.




In this final unit, we’ll acknowledge that your feelings of brokenness aren’t in your bones, but are in your heart.

In your woundedness, you may feel abandoned by God/Universe. It may feel like your prayers bounce off the ceiling. When you’re so shattered and broken, it’s often difficult to feel Holy Spirit.

Together, we will tap into the well of your soul. Open your heart and let the light begin to heal and flow through you once again.


Here’s the reality…

The question isn’t IF you’ll ever experience grief,

it’s WHEN.

The next question is…

Are you prepared and equipped to heal your grief or will it define and, possibly, destroy the rest of your life?

People who do nothing about healing their grief are guaranteed to feel the impact by being easily triggered, often depressed and living an unfulfilled life.

Even the most skilled healers and therapists can rarely claim full recovery without the support and assistance of an expert in grief.

The Healing Your Grief: Picking Up the Pieces program is the perfect opportunity to perform triage before you dive into deeper waters of speaking about specific memories, addressing the individual incidents and healing your deeper causes of grief.

My goal with this program is to get you back in your body and feeling normal and stronger so that you have the courage and confidence to take the next step in Healing Your Grief.

Registration for this program is now closed
Don’t worry, though. You can join our loving Healing Your Grief Facebook group – a safe and nurturing space for everyone to discuss these devastating life challenges. Come feel the love!
Healing Your Grief with Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer and EFT Founding Master

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