Join Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer® & EFT Founding Master as she shares tools and insights to soothe your soul and heal your grief.

Healing Your Grief

Introduction to Facebook Live series from Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer® and EFT Founding Master practitioner.

Healing the Grief of Loneliness

Phrases we address in this session:

🔵 Feeling abandoned
🔵 Family unsupportive
🔵 Worry about son
🔵 Loneliness
🔵 Making friends

We did a pretty cool technique called the temporal tap ( used to bypass the EGO mind that always says no) and we anchored a juicy affirmation. 😉

We closed with A Divine Love Transmission that was all about feeling connected to and feeling loved by Divine Feminine 💖

Thank you everyone who participated.

Please let me know If you’re watching on the replay : #Replay

Did you fully participate by tapping every phrase? Even and especially the ones you didn’t think were applicable to you? 😄

Did you find this session helpful? 💓

Let us celebrate with you! 👏🏻👏🏻

What is one take away, shift or awareness you gleaned from participating❓


Healing Your Grief & Taming Your EGO

Phrases we explored and SUDs I saw

🛑 I can’t / won’t make it alone 8/5/3
🛑 afraid to let anyone in/help
❤️ Focused on potent word: alone
🛑 must rescue- do everything for kids 8/5/3?
🛑 I’ll NEVER get it together
🛑 I’ll fail in my business

EGO is your inner bully!
It is a terrorist trying to keep you from living your wildest dreams.

In this session, you’ll learn
What is EGO
How it works against your growth
Ways you can recognize and stop ✋🏽 🛑 it.

I hope this inspires, heals and blesses you deeply. ❤️

Judgment and the pain it causes US!

👨‍⚖️ 👩🏽‍⚖️
Phrases and the SUDs numbers –
Several started with—-They should:
Appreciate me:
8/ 6/ 4/0
Communicate more:
7/ 5/ 3/ 2/ 0
Believe I’m capable:
8/ 6/ 4/ 0
Treat me like a person not property
10/ 6/ 5/ 2/ 0
Additional phrases tapped:
Bitterness, Anger
This session is loaded with teaching point. The numbers plummeted so fast , we felt complete in about 45 minutes! 💓

Lifting Your Holiday Spirits

Join in and feel better FAST! 🥰

We’re making spirits bright!! 💫

Clearing holiday stress and worries!
Topics we touched on (and the quickly dropping distress scores):

💰 Financial distress 8/ 6/ 4/ 0
💓Relationship insecurities 10/ 6/ 3/ 0
🎁 Want to gift good things 10/ 5/ 1
🌎 Feeling lost, wandering…8/. ? /. 2

Divine Healing Love Energy blessings.

🎄 🎅 🌟
Please let me know if you’re watching the #replay.

Happy Holidays!!

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