Initial Interview Questionnaire Right Fit Survey

Are We a Right FitAre we a “Right Fit?”

Thank you for your interest in my coaching programs! Before I have you invest your valuable time in filling out my initial interview questionnaire, I want to make sure we’re a “right fit.”

To do that, I just ask that you provide your name and email and then answer Question #1 below. The form will take it from there. Thanks!

Because you answered "No" to Question 1, I must regretfully decline the opportunity to conduct a personal coaching session or training program with you. Your answer to this question indicates that you would most likely find my coaching sessions and/or programs uncomfortable, if not offensive. All of my coaching sessions and programs draw heavily upon faith in God or Universal Support. Thank you for understanding that my intention is to serve wholeheartedly and without reservation. I wish you well.


Click here to review my Session & Class Disclaimer.

When you click the submit button, you'll be directed to our payment page. Once you've paid for your discovery session, you should automatically be directed to my Pre-Discovery Session Questionnaire to complete the process. Thanks!

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