Sapphire VIP Coaching Program at The EGO Tamer Academy

The Luxury, Pampering VIP Package for Serious Soul-o-Preneurs!

365 Days on My Personal Prayer List

365 Days on the TOP of My Personal Prayer List: Every morning when I go into my prayer and meditation, you and your sweet family will be lifted up for healing, inspiration, health and prosperity. OH, how I love the miracles that come from prayer!

Text Jan

Connection to me via TEXT: Check-ins, celebrations, sharing funnies or, if needed, to call upon me for “urgent prayer interventions” over the course of the year. You can contact me via text I will respond ASAP!

24 One-Hour Private Sessions

24 One-Hour Private 1-to-1 Sessions with Me (2+ per month): (to be used during the course of your program) Clearly when we join together in agreement of things, you absolutely manifest change and miracles.

Ticket to TETA Training

One Ticket to each publicly offered TETA Live Event: Your VIP Membership includes one ticket to EVERY public event, virtual or in-person, that I offer in 2019.

Tentative Topics & Schedules

The Resiliency Course: (Winter-Feb-April 2019) Learn the Skills to BOUNCE back after Trauma, Loss or Change. This will be a Virtual 6-week Healing Event. As a bonus I’ll mail you a signed copy of my next book I’m tentatively calling The Resiliency Course, Tapping into Joy after Trauma, Loss and Change.

EFT/TETT Training: (Spring/Summer-April-June 2019) Three (3) full days of highly interactive training. Better serve your clients by learning how to help them get out of their own EGO resistant patterns. (While NOT included as part of your Sapphire VIP Coaching Program, if you should choose to participate in our EFT Mentoring & Certification Program after this training, you would receive special pricing.)

A Private VIP In-Person Strategy Day in Charlotte to work on anything you choose. Tapping, videos, marketing and more. This day will include lunch and dinner, transportation to and from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport and up to $150 in hotel expenses. (We can, of course, schedule this to coincide with your attending a live event. However, I may request that it be the day AFTER the training instead of the day prior.)

Sapphire-12**PLUS 12 months of Website and Technical Support with Michael:
Preferred Monthly Program (Use separate subscription payment below for this option. This program does not include any product purchases needed for your website.)

Monthly Plan includes up to two (2) hours per month (non pro-rated) of the following services:

  • Security monitoring and updates
  • Plugin updates
  • WordPress updates
  • Web page updates/edits (three-business day turnaround on update/edit requests)
  • Web page and database backups
TETA Module 3 Lessons

**PLUS Full access and first invitation to participate in any and all MODULE 3 materials that may be created or offered in 2019: I’m considering offering three (3) live 90-minute teaching calls this summer/fall and/or adding pre-recorded materials as a third level of membership in The EGO Tamer® Academy. As my Sapphire VIP Member, you’ll be the first to know the “what and when” and you will, of course, be my “go to” girl whenever I need a student teacher! Cuz – you rock!

AND, of course, you’ll receive all the benefits of the basic TETA membership…

12 Student Body Coaching Calls

Twelve (12) TETA Live Student Body Calls – Teaching/Tapping/Q&A and lots of DLT and TLC! (One Tuesday night each month): These calls allow all members to gather once per month to ensure that you’re understanding, implementing and getting the full benefit of the materials you’re receiving!

Get It Done Days

Two (2) VIRTUAL “Get it Done Day” Events: These are strategically placed on the calendar with the intention of pre-scheduling ample time for you to work on projects. You may choose to work on a personal/home project or a business planning/marketing project. The beauty of this is that I’ll be on hand all through the day to answer questions, encourage and coach you.

Private Facebook Group for Members

24/7 Access to The EGO Tamer® Academy Auditorium (our private Facebook group): You’ll have virtual daily access to me on weekdays between my coaching sessions. I check the group every weekday and respond to questions, celebrate your prosperity, insights and healing and, when you ask, I’ll offer tapping support. This group is a fabulous community of like-minded souls with whom you can mastermind and network!

TETA Basics Archives with Module 2

Daily virtual connection to me via The EGO Tamer® Academy Membership site pre-recorded healing sessions. It’s like having “Jan on Demand”

What would a training course be without the curriculum?? You’ll get so much out of these materials! Many of them will be like starting blocks to get your mind and spirit open; thinking and creating the life of your dreams! These are delivered, one lesson each week, to your private “homeroom” page as printable lesson Handouts, Audios, Videos and/or Experiential worksheets, including:

  • Guided Meditations & Healing Energy Transmissions
    To quiet your mind and soothe your Soul; we’re retraining your nervous system.
  • Teaching and Training Tools
    The core curriculum pieces; these will become The EGO Tamer® Module One and Module 2 Handbook by the end of the course.
  • Tapping! Powerful healing, teaching and breakthroughs come through these tapping scripts, tap-along audios and “Follow Me through TET Tapping” videos!
  • Sheer Inspiration (from my daily meditations)
    These mini-messages will bless and inspire you throughout your program and will keep your vibration high as you begin experiencing the still small voice of Spirit.
24 Hour Empowered Action Rate

Sapphire Business Deluxe VIP Coaching
plus Website Preferred Maintenance
Program Investment

$25,880.40 Onetime payment or $2,397.00/month for 12 months

Sapphire Business Deluxe VIP Coaching
12 Monthly Payments of $600.00
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Payment Terms & Conditions

Sapphire Website Preferred Maintenance Program
12 Monthly Payments of $598.00
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Payment Terms & Conditions

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